External Audit Services

Financial statements are required for tax reporting

It is a statutory requirement under the Tanzania Companies Act for companies to produce audited financial reports on an annual basis. Audited financial statements are also required for the purpose of tax reporting to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

Our audits are designed to meet both the statutory requirements while assuring shareholders’ or members’ confidence in the financial reports.

Apex Auditors & Consultants utilize the best practices in the auditing and accounting profession to add exceptional value to clients.

We have designed a customized audit plan that concentrates on the business areas significant to clients’ financial statements and that are critical to their risk profiles. The result is not only an efficient audit — it is also one that they believe will be effective. Early identification of business and control vulnerabilities and opportunities makes it possible for us to focus the audit effort on those areas of greatest risk. The important features of our audit approach are the documentation standards, effective and continuous communication, excellence in audit execution and commitment to quality and controls.

Apex Auditors & Consultants has the courage and integrity to help clients meet the demands of complex and broadening regulatory requirements and stakeholders by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees, and critical information for investors and other stakeholders.

  • External/statutory audits
  • Internal audits
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Assistance with accounting standards
  • Submission of tax returns to TRA
  • Tax risk assessments